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8 February 2018

Fix IMEI for MTK Phone (LENOVO A806)

Download this file => GDrive

You will required PC or laptop.
The step is to generate the file required for our next step.

First by extracting it to any folder.
Example your folder named IMEI and the content from downloaded file will be imei.exe.

By pressing SHIFT and RIGHT-CLICK on the folder. Select Run CMD as Admin or PowerShell at the folder.

Then type ( imei <space> *Your phone IMEI number* ) press ENTER.
(The IMEI number you can get at the back of your phone. Maybe behind your battery.)

The file NEW_MP0B_001 will be generated in the folder.

Then follow what the video show.

The video not owned by me this is my simple instruction for the video.

U need to download Root Explorer or any other file manager.
Then from root folder open the folder named Data -> NVRAM -> MD5 -> NVD_IMEI
Replace the file MP0B_001 with one created earlier from your pc.

Restart your phone. The INVALID IMEI will gone now.

I tried and its working for me. The phone used here is LENOVO A806.
I think it will also work on other MTK's phone.

Leave a comment if some of you have tried on other phone as well. Thanks.

5 July 2016

Facebook Android App Alternative

A lots of people using the social media profile such as facebook. Almost of them with a smart mobile devices will using the Facebook App for increasing their Facebook experience.

There also people claim the facebook official app really affecting your device performance including me.
This maybe affect the phone that not have high specs. For me, I'm just using my Motorola Moto G (2013).

Here the YouTube video from other.
I can see the phone is better than mine.

 Like just what he said.
Same as me. I'm not doing this to turning down facebook or anything.

And take note the date when the video posted. It is on Feb 12, 2016.
Maybe facebook already fix their app problems while time goes on. Maybe..

Here I want to share my favorite alternative to replace the Facebook app.

Swipe for Facebook. 

The application is available in Google Playstore and also came with pro version.
What I know is the app lacks of some functions like direct sharing on fan page from your normal facebook account. It's not weird for me since it looks like the ported mobile web version of facebook with the left + right swipe function added and some floating functional functions which you also can disable it.
Otherwise, the app gives you the exact same function of using Facebook plus the customization of themes. You will get more functions with the pro version worth
RM 11.39 in my country currency.

I hope this will be useful.

For me, the user experience using the fb official app is really the best even I'm not using it now.
Maybe until I got more powerful smart device.  :)

12 June 2016

Pre-Order Megaman.EXE Hub Style Figure

Megaman.exe or know as Mega Man NT Warrior get it's figure in cool Hub Style appearance and now available for pre-oder now until 11th July 2016.  The figure worth  ¥4,320. 
Go to the pre-order page for more details.

This form of Hub Style as I remembered appears in the game series of BN 2 for GBA system for few years ago. It was the first BN series game I played and I didn't really know much about the anime series.

The game details at Gamefaqs:

Mega fans should want this to be added on their Mega's collection right?
Since I don't have any Megaman's figure, I really want this as a fans.

Look at what the other say in articles :

Rockman Corner

Capcom-Unity's Twitter status:

Go check the link below to the pre-order cart page.

8 June 2016

Motivated "Google"

This Post contain

Video by The Verge: