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19 February 2012

Tutorial: Custom Sprite Sheet Importing by Timaeus

Cool!! isn't it??
This is tutorial for importing your own custom or other sprites to MMBN6 game using VBA:
I allready tried this

Click here to view my result. ^^
Enjoy your NetNavi !! ^^

15 February 2012

My Custom Icon [4 Navi on Megaman Battle Network Series] Set 1


These characters belong to its rightful owner.
Icon by Frey551= also known as botak551,rip551










Set 1 (.ico) download zip = Mediafire

6 February 2012

MMBN 6 Hard Mode Patch V3 by Timaeus

Hey all MMBN player Timaeus has make BN6 Falzar Hard Mode Patch V3..
I already try it... It's totaly  HarD... Check them by yourself.

download the patch at MPCR download section 
Click "This"
Timaeus Preview of BN6 Hard Mode Patch

2 February 2012

Timaeus'S Remixes !!!

Hi all., I just want to share the Remixes of soundtracks from some games such as Megaman by Timaeus. It is because i like them (the remixes).. Actually not hear all the Remixes yet.. but still i like it..
^^ sorry if there grammar/spelling mistakes on my post:
Here you can go direct to Timaus's Remixes page and get some copy of it..

Click at the image below:

1 February 2012

Chrono X Live Stream 2011

Woa!! Crono X just launch their Demo4 Preview at Crono X LiveStream November last year and I just watched it two days ago... Thanks to err.. I know he with the name "Killer" (I think he the one of the Chrono X team) for asking me about have i watched their video on their YouTube Channel... Then I realised that I have miss their awesome video...

Enjoy their Video!!!