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12 December 2015

ePSXe startup crash fix on Windows 8.1

This happens to me when I'm helping out my brother to setup the emulator on his Windows 8.1 laptop.

So, I'm going to share how I managed to solve this error.
Sorry no screenshoot provided for now and I will be update this post when I got the screenshoot of the error.

This silly error came when I already done setting up all the plugins for the emulator which is ePSXe. Then I need to mount the game iso or disc to let the emulator emulate the game. The ePSXe display became blank and crashed. Some kind of error popped out. (I will include the image later)
Then I try few possible things to fix it.

What I have found is, this error caused just because of the screen resolution doesn't fit the laptop screen.
So, what you need to do is just  change the resolution to exact or smaller than your resolution. Somewhere around 800X600 or else. I also believe the error also depends on what graphic plugin you are using.

I forgot the name that I'm using and will update this asap.
For those that want to know about ePSXe. I include the link on my refences at bottom of this post.

I hope this helps. Thanks.

reference: ePSXe Official Website -

28 April 2015

New Swiftkey Keyboard Beta

This Swiftkey keyboard I been using last 2 years. now they have big update.
I'm just sharing about it on this post.

Swiftkey is the one of the top keyboard for Android has launched it's new keyboard.

Visit the link below.


16 April 2015

My new Avatar

Hello guys!
this week I'm working on my new avatar for my profile.
And it's done! I will be using it on my social network profile such as YouTube, Twitter and so on.
So this is the progress image that already posted at my IG. @freyasyraf

How is it? :3
and this now is the result.

hmn.. ignore the face expression.

Oh, before I forget.
Im also preparing for this blog template update. Yeah finally, will put the end for this 'Cytus' themed template.

Cytus is music rhythm game produced by Rayark Inc. DJ MAX Technika like game.
but more easier. haha, I'm not pro but I'm really enjoying the game at this time. The game also well updated by the developer.
It's nice game.
okay. that's all for now. Thank you!

22 February 2015

My first Bushiroad product !

Hi again!
This things really hook me.

I thought I never involved again in those TCG things again. And now I'm doing it again. Sadly, I don't have tuner for this kind of things.

So here we go,
I just bought Pre-constructed deck for BuddyFight!

That is the first ever Bushiroad product I bought.
What's next? Unboxing I guess~ yay!

This things pretty neat! It comes with the play mat, rule book/ guide book, 1 deck and life counter.


Still have chance for local small tournament! I found one place organizing it. I'm really looking forward to join them. Not going to waste while I'm still here. Still can do it before going back to my origin state where I live.
Just having fun.

Hit me to BuddyFight! :)

New Blog!

Hi guys,
I'm moving to new Blog.
Actually not really moving, I'm just create new blog!
not really new one. I created it also about last few month ago.
Take a look~

That is my second personal blog. Please do check there for any of my updates. :)

I'm also going to update this blog later.

Thanks for your visit!