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22 February 2015

My first Bushiroad product !

Hi again!
This things really hook me.

I thought I never involved again in those TCG things again. And now I'm doing it again. Sadly, I don't have tuner for this kind of things.

So here we go,
I just bought Pre-constructed deck for BuddyFight!

That is the first ever Bushiroad product I bought.
What's next? Unboxing I guess~ yay!

This things pretty neat! It comes with the play mat, rule book/ guide book, 1 deck and life counter.


Still have chance for local small tournament! I found one place organizing it. I'm really looking forward to join them. Not going to waste while I'm still here. Still can do it before going back to my origin state where I live.
Just having fun.

Hit me to BuddyFight! :)

New Blog!

Hi guys,
I'm moving to new Blog.
Actually not really moving, I'm just create new blog!
not really new one. I created it also about last few month ago.
Take a look~

That is my second personal blog. Please do check there for any of my updates. :)

I'm also going to update this blog later.

Thanks for your visit!