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16 April 2015

My new Avatar

Hello guys!
this week I'm working on my new avatar for my profile.
And it's done! I will be using it on my social network profile such as YouTube, Twitter and so on.
So this is the progress image that already posted at my IG. @freyasyraf

How is it? :3
and this now is the result.

hmn.. ignore the face expression.

Oh, before I forget.
Im also preparing for this blog template update. Yeah finally, will put the end for this 'Cytus' themed template.

Cytus is music rhythm game produced by Rayark Inc. DJ MAX Technika like game.
but more easier. haha, I'm not pro but I'm really enjoying the game at this time. The game also well updated by the developer.
It's nice game.
okay. that's all for now. Thank you!