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12 December 2015

ePSXe startup crash fix on Windows 8.1

This happens to me when I'm helping out my brother to setup the emulator on his Windows 8.1 laptop.

So, I'm going to share how I managed to solve this error.
Sorry no screenshoot provided for now and I will be update this post when I got the screenshoot of the error.

This silly error came when I already done setting up all the plugins for the emulator which is ePSXe. Then I need to mount the game iso or disc to let the emulator emulate the game. The ePSXe display became blank and crashed. Some kind of error popped out. (I will include the image later)
Then I try few possible things to fix it.

What I have found is, this error caused just because of the screen resolution doesn't fit the laptop screen.
So, what you need to do is just  change the resolution to exact or smaller than your resolution. Somewhere around 800X600 or else. I also believe the error also depends on what graphic plugin you are using.

I forgot the name that I'm using and will update this asap.
For those that want to know about ePSXe. I include the link on my refences at bottom of this post.

I hope this helps. Thanks.

reference: ePSXe Official Website -