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28 May 2016

Cheap maybe "C-91" Mini Music Box

I'm going to share a review product like the tittle shows, C-91 Mini Music Box by some Company.
I mentioned "Some Company" because no company name provided there at the box.
It's not any branded gadget. Just bought this when doing some price survey for IT stuff.
This is also not a new product. I think I saw this thing like 3 years ago.

I just bought this old stuff early this month. Got the price discounted RM59 to just RM45.
Maybe you guys can found this more cheaper at some online shopping websites.

By the way I heard there were other branded speaker that holding a same name as this one "C-91".
Interested? try google one. :)

This is actually a blue-tooth speaker. I personally like the design. It is just simple. The material is hard plastic at the top plus rear and back side. The front is made of metal just like the normal protector for a speaker.

At the front side, it have 4 buttons that we can push which is,

Button Mode button for changing modes due to the speaker capability to play music on TF card or any USB drive, scan FM radio channel and also using in-line speaker mode to use it using the normal headphones jack on your devices.

The other 3 buttons is the playback button. The next and prev button also can be used as a volume button. Just need to hold it for a few seconds and u can see the volume changes. Play button also functioning as the call button to answer a call from your connected smart phones.

At the back side. It has the on/off switch, old micro USB port for use of charging and also can be used for the in line mode mentioned above. The TF card slot and USB drive slot.
The connector cable is provided in the box. It doesn't seem to have good quality.

Like what written in the box. The speaker built in with a high-performance lithium battery. Which means it's "maybe" a good battery since I dont know what is the real battery capacity.

What I don't like about the speaker is, when you turned it open. It will play the voice for each mode u selected. It's nice untill I know that I cannot make the voice shut even lowering its volume, It is separated from the volume of the speaker I think. Addition, the voice also sounded when u at low battery which is good since the just have two colour LED as its indicator. I'm not sure if the voice will up when the battery is full.

For me, the sound is good for this price. (y)

Thanks for reading.